Itrust Invest has made it easier than ever to invest in our children’s financial future, thanks to the launch of an additional payment method.

Family and friends can now use credit and debit cards to send a gift.

Itrust Invest CEO Paul Reynolds said up until now, financial gifts had to be made by bank transfer.

“That was a reasonably complicated process, and one which we wanted to make easier and faster,” he said.

Mr Reynolds said the introduction of the additional payment method aligned with the company’s philosophy to make it easy for the “village” of people surrounding a child to invest in their future.

“Our platform has been designed with two cohorts of people in mind,” he said.

“The first is the guardian, which is usually a child’s parents.

“The second, the contributors, is the family and friends that want to give a gift that keeps on giving.”

Itrust Invest’s platform has been set up to allow for both one-off and recurring payments to existing accounts, or as a financial gift card.

The portfolio company was founded in 2018 by experienced fund manager Lawrence Stapleton.

It was designed to level out the financial playing field for all Australians, by giving everyone an equal opportunity to build a financial future for the children they love.

Each contribution – which can be as little as $10 – goes into the beneficiary’s account, which is then invested in one or all of three funds: gold, balanced or global equities.

To make a contribution, visit