Our portfolio

Artmarketspace is a unique online art auction platform specialising in single-artist and themed art auctions, with reduced vendor commission rates.

Art Market Space Site

Benchon is a global resource and supply platform that allows businesses to earn extra revenue by loaning staff to other companies in need.

BenchOn Site

Bloom makes climate impact investing easy, by providing an investment platform for people wanting to make a difference to the environment.

Bloom Site

Circonomy is tackling the issue of waste by restoring and reusing dormant goods, while also providing employment opportunities for some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

Circonomy Site

Commit Works’ market-leading frontline work management solution improves the coordination of workers by enabling resource operations to close the gap between current and potential performance.

CommitWorks Site

Cubiko is a medical practice intelligence platform that empowers practices to perform at their best by distilling key metrics and analytics.

Cubiko Site

Emesent’s award-winning smart mobile scanning unit, Hovermap, captures autonomous LiDAR mapping, survey and data analytics in high-risk or inaccessible areas.

Emesent Site

FlyFreely is a fully-customisable drone platform that manages all aspects of UAV flight operations, including fleet and compliance management, for companies of any size in any jurisdiction.

FlyFreely Site

Gathar creates amazing dining experiences in your own home or office by matching chefs, cooks and grazing table stylists with people who love to entertain.

Gathar Site

Healthcare Logic’s next-generation data analytics software helps clinical and managerial leaders improve the performance of their hospitals.

Healthcare Logic Site

Hindsite Industries is a location-based e-learning platform, purpose-built for capturing, preserving and delivering hands-on skilled knowledge through the use of its wearable, cloud-based management platform.

Hindsite Site

Itrust invest is an affordable and easy-to-use investment platform designed for parents who want to provide a financial springboard for their children.

Itrust Invest Site

Lawcadia is a cloud-based platform for in-house legal teams and law firms that streamlines workflows, matter management, intake, triage and budgets.

Lawcadia Site

Like A Photon is an award-winning and internationally acclaimed production company specialising in creating engaging and innovative children’s content.

Like a Photon Site

MicroHeat is a leading supplier of advanced water-heating technology, providing instant water heaters for apartments, homes and commercial buildings.

MicroHeat Site

Mizzie the Kangaroo is the home of Australia’s Original Natural Teething Toy and other educational toys, which help little ones learn and develop in a fun way.

Mizzie The Kangaroo Site

Monty Compost Co is fighting the climate crisis through the power of compost, with its world-first, smart monitoring device and mobile app.

Monty Site

MotoInno is revolutionising the way we ride motorcycles by using its unique patented steering and suspension system technology to make it safer, more stable and faster.

Motoinno Site

Movus’ FitMachine is a smart equipment condition monitoring solution that enhances productivity and eliminates the downtime of industrial equipment.

Movus Site

Muval is the stress-free way to compare prices, reviews and book trusted removalists across Australia.

Muval Site

Scrunch is a data-driven influencer marketing platform that enables brands and agencies to discover the right bloggers and social media influencers.

Scrunch Site

TalkVia uses conversational AI to build customisable and interactive voice apps for businesses to deploy across all digital assistants, ensuring customers can be reached no matter what device they’re using.

TalkVia Site

Tooletries’ home storage solutions are made using patented silicone technology that ensures each product can be stuck to shiny smooth surfaces without suction cups, screws or adhesives.

Tooletries Site

TripTraka has combined travel and technology to deliver an innovative platform that allows tour operators to deploy its own fully-branded and customisable app to enhance its guest experience.

TripTraka Site

Vaulta is the creator of the world’s first no-weld battery casing technology, which can be used in everything from stationary storage and electric vehicles to defence, or wherever batteries are.

Vaulta Site

VDYO is a digital video file management tool that allows users to safely distribute, sell and share content.

Vdyo Site

What’s Doing is a purpose-built app designed to connect users with the best food, drinks and entertainment venues in their surrounding area.

WhatsDoing Site