Image from TicTocTrack’s Instagram page.

TicTocTrack is in the running to be named Tech.Co’s Startup of the Year.

Tech.Co has opened a Reader’s Choice Poll for people to vote for their favourite startup.

With only four Aussie contenders in the mix, TicTocTrack (listed as iStaySafe) is reaching out to any and every supporter for their vote.

The innovative iStaySafe software platform is used to track TicTocTrack GPS watches, and will soon track other devices too.

If you would like to vote, follow this link and search for iStaySafe.

Learn more about TicTocTrack.

TicTocTrack allows anyone to keep an eye on the people, pets and things they love via the iStaySafe Pty innovative software platform, iOS and Android apps. Kids, pets and vehicles all under one login!