Hindsite have developed a wearable, cloud-based, visual intelligence management platform, purpose-built for enterprise data, evidentiary industrial media and observational learnings.

Their goal is to help its clients do more with what they have. They want to help capture intrinsic tribal knowledge, preserve biometric data of hands-on skills and enable new starters to be on the job working faster, smarter and safer.


Brad Parsons and co-founders Michel Lamarre and John Gardner make up a team of experts in technology, business management and engineering. With the mission to enable more efficient use of assets and resources, MOVUS provides innovative enhancements to the productivity of large, industrial equipment.

MOVUS is built on the foundations of three goals: to increase efficiency, minimise waste and empower people. By enabling companies to make more informed decisions, MOVUS offers the potential to save money, generate less waste and increase employee satisfaction.

Solutions by MOVUS are offered through fresh eyes and new thinking, or by creating something entirely new to solve unique problems. MOVUS engineering solutions combine technology and machinery, bringing equipment to life by making it more intelligent and accessible.

The MOVUS team strives to collaborate with strong partners in the energy, industrial and transportation sectors, engaging innovative thinking from highly skilled industry professionals.


Founder and CEO of CruiseTraka, David Clarke, has combined a love for adventure with his digital marketing expertise to create a unique product for travellers.

Based in Brisbane, this social media marketing company is focused on the Global Adventure Travel and Cruise Ship industry.

CruiseTraka uses GPS ship tracking with social media and email updates so travellers can easily share their cruise experience with family and friends.

The flagship TrekTraka product continues to service travellers everywhere adventure calls – from Mount Everest to the deserts of Namibia.


Co-founders Danielle Lewis, Salvatore Garozzo and David Novakovic saw an opportunity to easily bring brands and online influencers together for collaboration.

Scrunch is a data-driven Influencer Marketing platform that enables brands and agencies to discover the right bloggers and social media Influencers.

Scrunch has one of the world’s largest Influencer databases with over 20 million profiles and billions of data points.

The platform makes it easy to gain data on Influencers, and features some awesome CRM and outreach style functions to make campaign management easy.


Alkira Software is a Brisbane based company that has developed a world first voice platform for online customer experiences and e-commerce. Alkira’s VoingleTM platform lets users speak to websites and delivers businesses a seamless and total voice commerce solution faster and cheaper than anything else on the market.

The Voingle platform comprises a range of tools that operate interactively in the cloud. It is free for users and provides them with total security and privacy. For business, it delivers lower operating costs and increased opportunities to interact and service their customers.


Benchon is a business only, sharing economy platform that allows businesses to earn extra revenue by loaning their staff to other businesses in need. BenchOn is a world first platform made right here in Australia that is on a mission to make sure no one loses their job ever again for financial reasons.