SOSBio is a growing technology company, with a mission to provide the pathway to sustainable agriculture.

We are confident that the future in farming will combine both crop productivity and ecosystem health. SOSBio is actively developing technologies to make this possible.

SOSBio is leading the development of commercially-efficient fertilisers and microbial enhancers backed by fundamental scientific research for environmentally-friendly agriculture.

Our aim is to provide eco-friendly products which have higher efficacy than traditional chemicals, and at the same time improve the environment. SOSBio solutions are designed to restore damaged soils, decrease waterways contamination, and contribute to saving the Great Barrier Reef.

If you don’t already know by now, Monty is our compost monitoring device.

Simply insert into your compost and Monty’s inbuilt sensors continuously track the decomposition process, transmitting the data to our online cloud analysis model. This data is then analysed to generate custom management instructions, which are delivered through our app, along with countless other engagement, entertainment and educational features.

Monty is wireless, efficient and durable, capable of withstanding the high temperatures and volatile conditions of even the most extreme compost. It’s a world-first innovation, with existing monitoring systems nowhere close to its sophistication, sensitivity and affordability. The data collected is incomparable in both size and scope to anything in existence.

But Monty is also so much more than that.