Tooletries is the creation of Australian brothers, Josh and Saul. Originally launched on Kickstarter our products can now be found in stores across the world. Examples include Bed Bath and Beyond, The Container Store, Urban Outfitters and many more.

Unique Silicone Technology

Tooletries products use a patented silicone technology that utilizes static forces to grip to shiny smooth surfaces like mirrors, glass or bathroom walls. This means you can stick storage to your walls without suction cups, screws or adhesives. The silicone is completely reusable, leaves no residue and never loses its stick.

artmarketspace allows a buyer to create a personal connection to the artist through our Unique Video Experiences (UVE), seeing the art work close-up, at distance, in a 360-degree view, or by listening to the artist discuss the inspiration they drew upon to create the works.   The UVE also provides consumers with trust: “What you see is what you get”.  The buyer might even get a tour of the artist’s studio from their artist profile!

artmarketspace has been built to make the global art world more accessible and more transparent.  “The Way Art Should Be”

We noticed that dating apps weren’t actually about ‘dating’ at all…funny that..

People told us they were tired of wasting time chatting to others online who had no intentions of even going on dates!

So we created We-Date, a platform just for the daters, not the time wasters.

Our daters date at the most trending dining venues, locations, experiences and upcoming events in their city.

It’s time we stop swiping and start dating!