Like A Photon Creative

Like A Photon Creative Pty Ltd (LAPC) is a fast growing content creation company specialising in the development and execution of content for children.

LAPC was formed in 2012 by Kristen Souvlis and Nadine Bates and is based in Queensland, Australia. With over 20 years combined experience in children’s television, publishing and digital entertainment, Kristen and Nadine are both passionate about creating forward thinking, ethical products and platforms for children all over the world. In 2014, LAPC became the second Australian company to produce for Sesame Street USA and the first female Australian writer and producers for the channel.

Machinam was founded by engineers Claire Bennett, Felicity Furey and Dr Jillian Kenny, with the vision of changing the social fabric of engineering, technology and design.

Currently developing an app-based resource for high school maths classes, Machinam uses authentic learning, real life context and digital technology as an alternative to traditional textbooks.

Machinam is tackling the age old question, ‘Why do we need to learn this?’ by framing maths problems in a way that allows students to connect what they are learning in class to their own life and future careers.

Already receiving positive feedback from the Australian education sector for their innovative and engaging learning strategies, Machinam modules are easily mapped to the Australian curriculum.

Damian Miles, founder and CEO of VDYO, has been in the film and television industry for 23 years. With a keen interest in new technologies and online video delivery, and an idea for how to improve the process, Damian created an instant video portal called VDYO.

Entering the industry as the first of its kind, VDYO is the only instant video provider online and taps into the powerful world of video content.

VDYO is a video management tool, allowing users to safely distribute, sell, and share content. This enables businesses to manage and distribute video files, providing protection from any unauthorised sharing.

As well as offering security, VDYO also features accessibility and global reach capabilities with its instantaneous nature and ability to distribute across multiple screens and devices.

VDYO offers exciting solutions for tracking user engagement with video content, especially in the context of online training.