Emesent is a drone autonomy and data analytics spin-out from CSIRO’s Data61. After raising $3.5 million in venture capital to commercialise its first product, Hovermap, Emesent was launched in November 2018.

The first funding round was led by Main Sequence Ventures, which manages the CSIRO Innovation Fund, and Andy Greig from ACAC Innovation.

Directed by Stefan Hrabar and Farid Kendoul, former researchers from CSIRO’s Data61, Emesent is now commercialising their revolutionising award-winning drone autonomy technology.

With multiple applications across several industries, Hovermap and our other solutions are being used commercially for a variety of applications by early adopters in Australia, US, Canada, China and Japan.


FlyFreely is a flexible, reliable platform for building and scaling drone programs anywhere in the world.

Beginning as the premiere compliance software solution for Australia’s rapidly growing commercial drone market, FlyFreely has evolved into a global platform for enabling effective, compliant, safe, and scalable drone operations – both internally and externally.

The easy-to-use platform ensures any organisation can start utilising drones or scale up drone operations with minimal risk.

FlyFreely is the only system that allows users to legally, safely, and effectively utilise drones for commercial purposes, at any scale.

Clients also have the freedom to build a complete end-to-end drone solution that turns drones into an integral part of business operations.