Very excited this week to see the Federal Government award a $1.8M research grant to SOS-BIO.

My thanks to Senator Zed Seselja for the vision to support such an innovative startup.

Together with the Qld Government’s facilitated equity of $1.5M via the Business Development Fund, these powerful tools of Government support breakthrough economic enterprises, with huge potential societal benefits. The support of The University of Queensland (UQ) as collaborator, researcher, supporter, provider of talent, and host (iLab) is also critical.

It’s a privilege to be a major shareholder of SOS-BIO. There’s still lots of work to do BUT the early signs (clinical trials and early field trials) are exciting.

Just what could the future be???

Theming John Lennon…

IMAGINE – a fertilizer that significantly boosts crop yield and lowers costs for agriculturalists!

IMAGINE – a fertilizer that materially improves soil health and can be applied to seeds instead of crops!

IMAGINE – a fertilizer that – for the first time – can be applied to hydroponic crops!

JUST IMAGINE – a fertilizer that has inert run-off; thereby materially improving environmental standards (reducing impact on the Great Barrier Reef).

These things are all in line of sight and are possible.

The potential to significantly participate in the $300B global fertilizer industry represents an extraordinary economic opportunity for the shareholders of SOS-BIO.

The potentially huge societal benefits in terms of agri-costs, employment, agri-health, and the environment makes it even more powerful,

AND, doing this from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia – and taking it to the world – is absolutely fantastic.

Congratulations to Nikolai and the SOS-BIO team on the work to date and thanks to UQ, the Qld Government, and the Federal Government for the fantastic support.

Onwards and upwards!