VDYO is pleased to announce that Australian angel investor, ACAC Innovation, is now an official investor and shareholder.

According to Damian Miles, CEO and Founder of VDYO, this investment is a positive step towards VDYO increasing market share.

“While we already have a strong technology base, the extra capital will enable us to add more features and benefits for customers looking for new ways to deliver their video content,” said Mr Miles.

VDYO is a digital video file management and distribution platform that protects media files from unauthorised sharing. It enables distribution across multiple screens and devices, providing producers and distributors with commercial security and diversified access to global audiences.

VDYO’s leading edge technology provides the competitive advantage needed to enter and make an impact across the global digital content market.

Having worked in the Film and Television industry for 23 years, Mr Miles quickly developed a particular interest in new technologies and online video delivery.

“I wanted to simplify the process, demystify the technology, and put it in reach of everyone; so I created VDYO,” said Mr Miles.

“Put simply, VDYO is an instant video portal; that has everything you need out of the box to securely distribute, sell, share your content. It’s the only online video provider that can instantly give users a branded solution, monitisation and user and group management,” said Mr Miles.

According to ACAC Innovation’s CEO, Andy Greig, VDYO is just the type of innovative new start up he’s searching for.

“At ACAC we have a passion for ingenuity and creativity in all industries.  What attracted us to VDYO is that video content is big business. VDYO provides a turn key solution and it’s a business with scalability. It is not only aimed at the Film and Television business, but also the corporate world which is exciting,” said Mr Greig.

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