If your application is approved for Step 2 of our selection process, you will be invited to an interview at the ACAC Innovation Incubator at Newstead in Brisbane.


Here’s some important information for the interview:

  • The interview will be scheduled for 90 minutes. You’ll have access to the meeting room for one hour before the scheduled start time to allow you to set up. You can use any media you wish to for the presentation of information.
  • You may bring up to three other people with you to the interview; provided they are your partners, key employees, advisers or key supporters. You’ll need to advise us of the names and relationships to you of attendees two days before the interview.

The interview is divided into two parts:

  1. Part A is one hour long. This is your chance to present anything you want to present, with recommended focus on our selection criteria. We’ll limit our questions during this time to only when we need clarification.
  2. Part B is 30 minutes long. During this time we’ll ask you wide-ranging questions and raise issues any for general discussion.

While we intend to hold most interviews at the Newstead Incubator, if there are practical reasons to hold the Interview in another location, we are willing to consider this.

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